Community & Environment

  • Recipient of the 2012 Nunavut Mining Symposium Murray Pyke Corporate Award for contributions to the economic and social development of Nunavut
  • Approximately $21,000,000 of goods and services obtained from Baffin Island businesses and Inuit Owned Corporations since 2007
  • Over 5800 person days employment of Nunavut residents at the Chidliak Project
  • On the job training for local employees hired for all projects
  • Commitment to sound work practices and environmental baseline studies early in the exploration process


As a corporate citizen, Peregrine has a unique role in and opportunity to build regional relationships with individual citizens, local business communities and all levels of government. Peregrine seeks to establish a good relationships with communities and acquire a good local knowledge base from which to plan its activities.


Peregrine strives to develop mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders through proactive consultation early in the exploration process. This is accomplished through regular consultation meetings and by maintaining and open dialogue with all stakeholders. For example, since 2008 Peregrine has participated in 120 consultation meetings in the communities of Pangnirtung and Iqaluit. Peregrine also supports local non-profit organizations and community initiatives through financial contributions or donations in kind and have contributed in excess of $26,000 since 2010.


Peregrine minimizes its ecological footprint through progressive reclamation, sound work practices and adherence to environmental regulations. Environmental studies are undertaken early in the exploration process to document natural baseline levels and to identify areas of ecological and archaeological importance. Peregrine believes that the best environmental practices are in the interests of all of stakeholders and is simply good business.


Peregrine hires employees from local communities near areas where work is undertaken and realizes that people from these communities may wish to participate in the mineral resource industry. Peregrine offers on-the-job training, basic certification training and has employed local people in a variety of exploration positions.

Peregrine works with training agencies and government organizations to develop applicable exploration and mining industry specific skills for the success of local exmployees. As exploration projects advance so will opportunities for training and employment.


Peregrine seeks to procure goods and services from communities close to its project areas and believes support of local business is necessary to the well-being of local economies.