2006 Bulk Sample From Main Lobe Pyroclastic Kimberlite At DO-27 Averages 0.88 Carats Per Tonne

September 5, 2006 PDF version
High-grade portion of pipe extends over an area three times larger than area tested in 2005

7.11, 3.91, 2.34, 2.11, 1.83, 1.56, and 1.55 carat diamonds recovered

Vancouver, British Columbia - September 5, 2006 - Peregrine Diamonds Ltd. (“Peregrine”) is pleased to announce that the average grade of the 2006 bulk sample from the Main Lobe pyroclastic kimberlite of the DO-27 pipe is 0.88 carats per tonne. These results corroborate the bulk sample results from last year and confirm that the grade is consistent over an area three times larger than the area which was tested in 2005. Furthermore, the pyroclastic kimberlite collected from the North East Lobe portion of the DO-27 pipe returned an average grade of 0.85 carats per tonne which is significantly higher than previously reported. The DO-27 pipe, part of the WO Diamond Project, is located 23 kilometers southeast of the Diavik(tm) Diamond Mine, N.W.T., Canada, is over 9 hectares in size, and is comprised of a Main Lobe and a smaller contiguous North East Lobe.

Peregrine drilled a total of 12 large diameter, reverse circulation (“RC”) drill holes to a maximum depth of 403 metres during the winter of 2006 which resulted in the collection of 548 dry tonnes of kimberlite material (566 wet tonnes). A total of 8855 diamonds were recovered using a 1mm sieve size cut-off. Of this total, 49 diamonds larger than one-half carat and 13 diamonds greater than 1 carat were recovered, including 7.11, 3.91, 2.34, 2.11, 1.83, 1.56, and 1.55 carat stones, confirming that DO-27 contains a significant population of larger diamonds. The diamonds recovered from the 2006 program included a 7.11 carat, light brown, slightly distorted octahedral gem; a 1.83 carat, near white, complex octahedral gem; and an irregular white, 1.55 carat gem.

This year’s drill program was a follow up to an initial 6-hole, large diameter RC drill program, completed during the winter of 2005, which resulted in the collection of 151 dry tonnes of kimberlite. The initial 6 holes were drilled into the Main Lobe and the grades of these six holes ranged from 0.70 to 1.03 carats per tonne, averaging 0.90 carats per tonne. The average grade within the Main Lobe pyroclastic kimberlite that is Cr-diopside rich was 0.98 carats per tonne (see press release dated 14th June 2005).

The grades and tonnages were calculated using measured and estimated hole dimensions and measured specific gravities. All density measurements were performed at the Teck Cominco Global Discovery Laboratory in Vancouver. As with the 2005 sample, the 2006 sample was processed at the bulk sample test plant at BHP Billiton’s Ekati(tm) Diamond Mine.

Of the twelve holes drilled during 2006, one hole (L0611) did not reach the target depth as it was stopped in overburden due to drilling complications. The remaining 11 holes reached depths ranging from 53 to 403 metres and all ended in kimberlite (see map showing drill hole locations below or on Peregrine’s web site at www.pdiam.com under News - Press Releases).

The RC holes have been subdivided into three groups according to where they were drilled into the DO-27 pipe. These groups are: the Main Lobe-Pyroclastic Kimberlite, the North East Lobe-Pyroclastic Kimberlite and the North East Lobe-Other Lithologies (found below the pyroclastic kimberlite) which includes hypabyssal kimberlite and mixed lithologies. Despite the fact that these Other Lithologies form a volumetrically minor component at DO-27, diamonds weighing 2.34, 1.56, 0.81 and 0.51 carats were recovered from these lithologies.

The individual grades and specific diamond information for the 2006 and previously announced 2005 RC holes in both the Main Lobe and North East Lobe are summarized below:

Five of the eight 2006 RC holes drilled within the Main Lobe returned significant sections with grades above 1 carat per tonne, including hole L0602 that reached a depth of 403 metres (twice as deep as the deepest RC hole completed in 2005), which intersected 112 metres @ 1.02 carats per tonne, and hole L0606 which intersected 48 metres @ 1.38 carats per tonne.

In the North East Lobe, the three RC holes drilled within the pyroclastic kimberlite returned an average grade of 0.85 carats per tonne as compared to the grade of 0.36 carats per tonne Kennecott Canada Exploration Inc. obtained from their underground bulk sample of the North East Lobe in 1993. These new bulk sample grades from the North East Lobe are consistent with micro-diamond results obtained by Peregrine from core holes drilled into this part of the pipe (see press