New Micro-Diamond Results Indicate Main Vent of DO-27 May Grade Greater than 1 Carat per Tonne

January 25, 2006 PDF version
0.42, 0.22, 0.12 & 0.11 Carat Diamonds Found in N.Q. Diameter (47Mm) Core Holes

January 25, 2006 - Vancouver, Canada - Peregrine Diamonds Ltd. (“Peregrine”) (TSX-V: PGD) is pleased to announce that recent core drilling results at the DO-27 kimberlite, WO Diamond Project, NWT, Canada, have returned consistent micro-diamond values indicating that the main vent of the plus 9 hectare pipe may grade greater than 1 carat per tonne. All grade predictive curves based on micro-diamond sampling of the main vent have reached or exceeded 1 carat per tonne and have not approached asymptote (see grade predictive plot attached).

In the Spring and Summer of 2005, subsequent to the completion of a 151 tonne, mini-bulk sample of the main vent of DO-27, which graded 0.98 carats/tonne from the central portion of the pipe ( see press release June 14, 2005 and August 29, 2005 on Peregrine’s web site: under “Press Releases”), Peregrine drilled a total of 2245 meters in 11 N.Q. core holes into DO-27. Four holes were drilled into the main vent of the pipe and the remaining holes were drilled into the north-eastern subsidiary lobe of DO-27. The purpose of the core drilling was:
  • To better understand the internal geology and diamond distribution of DO-27 in relation to the two apparently different kimberlite phases encountered during the reverse circulation (“RC”), mini-bulk sample, drilling program.
  • To gain information on the extent and geology of the DO-27 pipe below 200 meters, and
  • To better understand the geology and diamond distribution of the north-eastern lobe of DO-27, and how it relates to the main pipe.
The complete micro-diamond results have now been received from the Saskatchewan Research and Geo-Analytical Council (“SRC”) for three holes (DO-27-05-02, DO-27-05-03, and DO-27-05-08) drilled into the main vent of DO-27, and all returned values consistent with a strongly diamondiferous kimberlite, as also evidenced by the 2005 mini-bulk sample. The presence of large diamonds, up to 0.42 carats, in micro-diamond samples is extremely encouraging. The fact that relatively small diameter core holes (47 mm) are consistently encountering diamonds of this size bodes well for the ultimate grade of the pipe.

The micro-diamond results were also quite consistent throughout the pipe, with grade predictive plots indicating grades greater than 1 carat/tonne from the main vent which represents the majority of the DO-27 pipe. Furthermore, the grade plots indicate that diamond grade is expected to be consistent at depths greater than 200 meters. The grade predictive plots and a location map for the three holes is attached to this release and can also be viewed on

Peregrine’s web site: under “Press Releases.” The micro-diamond results per sieve classes (in mm for square mesh), are summarized as follows:
Hole #             DO27-05-02 - LPK     DO27-05-02 - OMPK 
Intercept               56 to                341  to 
in metres               341 m                459.5 m
                    Total    Total        Total    Total
Lower Sieve        Stones    Carats      Stones    Carats
+4.75 mm                0    0                0    0
+3.35 mm                0    0                0    0
+2.36 mm                0    0                0    0
+1.70 mm                1    0.11879          0    0
+1.18 mm                2    0.07447          2    0.050745
+0.85 mm               14    0.121565         3    0.038305
+0.60 mm               33    0.10451         10    0.046225
+0.425 mm              51    0.07444         29    0.049485
+0.300 mm             103    0.05033         41    0.0262
+0.212 mm             136    0.024335        71    0.015335
+0.150 mm             164    0.0113         109    0.007285
+0.106 mm             254    0.006935       148    0.00465
+0.075 mm             367    0.004195       284    0.00336
Sample Weight (kg)      340.70 kg             247.78 kg
Stones per kg             2.88                  2.81